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Images from the short film "West Texas" featuring music by Doug Smith
01 Summer Storm Over A Cattle Range02 Foggy Sunrise Over The Brazos03 Fog And Sunrise In The Big Bend04 When The Rains Come In West Texas05 Raging Waters On The Red River06 Golden Light On The Waters Of Lake Meredith On The Canadian07 Incredible Light On Northern Plains Of Texas08 Sunrise Over Big Ranch Country09 Palo Duro In Light Morning Fog10 An Ocean Of Sky11 Waterfowl And Autumn Sunrise12 Cattle At Sunrise13 Tug Of War14 Coyote15 In The Eyes Of A Hunter16 Hunting In The West Texas Badlands17 Whitetail And Horse18 Horses Under Troubled Skies19 A Survivor On The Open Plains20 Out Of The Badlands Of Texas